Relish Industria I

Relish Industria I

Release Date: 29th May 2015

Headman / Robi Insinna introduces Relish Industria, a new series from the ever evolving label head which will showcase a wealth of the electronic’s rising stars. Each release will be a compilation EP, featuring various artists with Vol 1 setting the standard with Mondowski, Maya Danon and a rework from Headman’s own ‘6 Album’ feat Red Axes.

The first track comes from Bordeaux based Mondowski, known well for his residency at his very own ‘Shadowplay’ at the iBoat. He draws inspirations from techno to new-wave and electro to rock and acid house. “Cry wolf“ is a dark, slow repetitive atmospheric film Noir-esque affair with cold synths. He LISTEN & READ MORE



Release Date: Digital – Friday 27.03.15 // Vinyl – Monday 30.03.15

6 E.P. III is taken from Headman’s 6 album, which was released last year on Relish. Includes Remixes by Manfredas, Alejandro Paz, Shift Work and Reworks.

Following on from ‘6 EPI’ and ‘6 EPII ‘vinyl exclusives, 6 EP lll is a full digital release with 200 vinyl copies and artwork specially screen printed by RELISH label head Robi Insinna. The release has 3 remixes by Manfredas, Alejandro Paz, Shift Work and Reworks and Dubs by Headman/ Robi Insinna. There will also be 2 Videos done by Robi, one for ‘Something’ and another one for ‘Work’ Manfredas version.

Manfredas, who released his LISTEN & READ MORE

Latest news
Headman/Robi Insinna reworks Stephen Eicher's "Nice"

Headman/Robi Insinna reworks Stephen Eicher’s “Nice”

Read more about it on The Ransom Note

Whatever/Whatever - Relish Podcast #13

Whatever/Whatever – Relish Podcast #13


Next Relish Podcast is by Whatever/Whatever.

In their own words:
“Relish Records have always been an inspiration. Doing a Stephan Eicher remix for Relish Records was a thrill for us. Whatever/Whatever go Two for Two on this podcast, 2 tracks each with Justin Strauss starting things off and Bryan Mette

Relishrecordings now on Bandcamp!

Relishrecordings now on Bandcamp!

Relishrecordings is now on Bandcamp! Go to to browse the catalogue.

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