Relish Podcast Series

Fabrizio Mammaerlla – Relish Podcast #19


Relish Podcast 19 is by Fabrizio Mammarella, the standard-bearer of the new Italian sound.

Since Relish released Italian E.P. and Italian E.P. remixed in 2004 the focus on Italian new producers
was always strong. Especially the ones that continued in the line of pioneers like Moroder, Baldelli and
Alexander Robotnick. Fabrizio amongst fellow Italian producers like Francisco and Marco Passarani started re-pushing a nearly forgotten sound, developing Italy’s great club tradition. Clubs between the 70s and 80s that were awakened in Italy, which in the 90s turned the Riviera Romagnola into Clubbing paradise.

Fabrizio works as a solo artist and sometimes joins forces with his partner in crime Philipp Lauer in their project Black Spuma. Together with Franz Scala he runs a record label Slow Motion which just recently gave birth to its sub label Wrong Era and before all else he is a DJ.

Expect some dancefloor fire from Fabrizio in the next coming months.


Curses – Relish Podcast #18


Relish Podcast 18 is by Curses. In celebration of the new RELISH COMP VI Luca has done the new mix for the Relish podcast series.

He is featured on the comp with original track Dead Last and remixed Younger Than Me’s – Warning Code. Curses is the Dark Italo and New Wave inspired project from New Yorker who now resides in Berlin Luca Venezia. He released on labels such as Throne Of Blood, Dischi d’autunno and has his own imprint Ombra International.

1. Die Wilde Jagd – Kreuzgang
2. Thrush & the Cunts – Diseases (Curses Edit)
3. Motel77 – DYKWE (Thomass Jackson Remix)
4. Sex Judas ft. Ricky – Sidikis Jam
5. The Two Mamarrachos – Aberrated (Connor Spanish Trip)
6. Tokyo (Curses Edit)
7. Shout (MUFTI EDIT)
8. Nine Inch Nails – Sanctified (Instrumental)
9. Franz Scala – Rascals
10. Etcha – F2F (Original Mix)
11. ID UA – ZARA
12. Younger Than Me – Warning Code (Curses Remix)
13. Simple Symmetry – Exploding Toads Mystery
14. Curses – Vengeance
15. Ali X and Ximena – Fuel Your Passion (Rodion Remix)
16. Robi Insinna – A2 Hard Work Dub
17. Noceraa – Let’s Go (Bonus Beats)
18. Heroes – Curses ITALO-TURBO EDIT
19. – Tuba Rex II
20. Wolfstream – De Rusia
21. Arthur Johnson – Perfect Stranger (Cosmo Remix Instrumental Remix)
22. Dame Bonnet – New Romance


Die Wilde Jagd – Relish Podcast #17

(Photo: J. Jackie Baier)


Next Relish Podcast is by Die Wilde Jagd who just contributed a remix for the new Robi Insinna Hard Work 12“ Vinyl that will be out on Industria in early April.

Die Wilde Jagd (“The Wild Hunt”) is a project of Berlin-based musician Sebastian Lee Philipp in collaboration with co-producer Ralf Beck and several guest musicians. Their eponymous debut album – a dense, atmospheric mix of repetitive guitar loops, electronic percussion, drums, synthesizers and German lyrics – was released in 2015 on Bureau B. After a year of extensive national and international touring, the sophomore album “Uhrwald Orange” will be released in April.

1. Bruce Springsteen – State Trooper
2. Günter Schickert – Wanderer
3. Delia Gonzalez – Hidden Song
4. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – DFF
5. Acid Arab – Stil
6. Not Waving – Punch
7. Colleen – Another World
8. The Future Sound of London – My Kingdom
9. EITR – Cicuta = Hemlock
10. Queens – Earth Angel
11. Hot Chocolate – Put Your Love In Me
12. Black Sabbath – Planet Caravan


Headman – Relish Podcast #16


Relish Podcast #16 is by label head Robi Insinna. To relaunch the series he wanted to do something special and dug out some favorite tracks from his vinyl collection. 

After a break we continue with the podcast and bring you some more exciting and listenable mixes for your pleasure. So far there where 15 podcasts by the likes of Red Axes, Richard Fearless, Abstraxion, DC Salas, Phil Mison, Bozzwell, Heretic, Club Bizarre, The Mansisters, Manfredas, Whatever/Whatever, Mondowski and by Robi himself.

And here is a special give away track taken from the podcast for a limited download time only on SOUNDCLOUD.


Comp IV Megamix – Relish Podcast #15


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1. Scott Fraser: Centerville Lapse (Timothy J. Fairplay Remix)
2. Mondowski: Sans Soleil
3. Headman: Be Loved (Daniel Avery’s ‚Divided Love‘ Remix)
4. Daniel Avery: Airstrike
5. Scott Fraser: Paraphrase Mine (Robi Insinna / Headman Rework)
6. Headman/Robi Insinna feat. Brassica: Work (Manfredas Remix feat. Autarkic)
7. Heretic feat. Justine: Insurrection
8. Headman feat. Scott Fraser and Douglas McCarthy: Noise (Daniel Maloso Remix)
9. Headman/Robi Insinna feat. Red Axes: Barbarism Rework
10. Gina X: No G.D.M. (Red Axes Remix)
11. Headman/Robi Insinna: Main Gates
12. The Mansisters: Northern Comfort
13. Morgan Hammer: All is dust
14. Headman: Be Loved (Richard Fearless / Death in Vegas remix)
15. Bozzwell: Isolation Underground
16. Stephan Eicher: Les filles du Limmatquai (Whatever/Whatever Remix)
17. Maya Danon: Olino
18. Remain: Dead And Gone [Rework Remix]
19. International: River Seine (Kim Ann Foxman Remix)
20. Headman: Turning (Emperor Machine Special Extended version)


Mondowski – Relish Podcast #14


Relish Podcast 14 is not your usual dance mix. Going back to his roots, Mondowski’s mix features Samsara Blues Experiment, The UFO Club, Ride Into The Sun, Jeff Wootton, Radar Men From The Moon and Beat Happening, just to name a few.

„Many People have a narrow vision about dance music these days, they don’t take risks and explore new horizons, new sounds, new textures. There are no synths and drum machines here, but if you listen closely you’ll find the spirit of these songs is similar to contemporary club music. I hate dance podcasts, to me they’re a kind of dematerialized party.“

Coming up on Relish Compilation IV: ‚Sans Soleil‘ by Mondowski. First listen on Flux


Whatever/Whatever – Relish Podcast #13


Next Relish Podcast is by Whatever/Whatever.

In their own words:
„Relish Records have always been an inspiration. Doing a Stephan Eicher remix for Relish Records was a thrill for us. Whatever/Whatever go Two for Two on this podcast, 2 tracks each with Justin Strauss starting things off and Bryan Mette ending the affair with the last track. Enjoy the trip.“


Manfredas – Relish Podcast #12


Next up in the Relish podcast series is Manfredas.

He remixed C.A.R. and his remix of „Work“ was just released on 6 E.P.III Vinyl + digital and received great support. Manfredas released his single last year on Ivan Smagghes LDdlm. He’s based in Vilnius where he runs his club night called Smala.

„The straight road never is the interesting one. Get lost!“


The Mansisters – Relish Podcast #11


The Mansisters is the camp moniker of Scandinavian duo Kasper Bjørke (Denmark) and Jon Atli / Sexy Lazer (Iceland).

S.S.W.S. is part of REPVI that was just released. The simple idea for the lyrics of S.S.W.S. was born in a strange, dim lit room at Berghain in Berlin. Part 1 of the podcast is by Sexy Lazer and Part 2 by Kasper Bjørke.

„Sweet! … Smoke! … Weed! … Strobe!“


Part 1 by Sexy Lazer
1. The End Of Earth (Dreems Remix) / Client Liaison
2. Shades (Skinnybone Love Remix) / Arnheim
3. Zwoelf / Max Dahlhaus
4. Nobody knows / myr.
5. co2o / Lord Of The Isles
6. LSO / Roman & Castro

Part 2 by Kasper Bjørke
7. Balma (Ft. Abrao) / Red Axes
8. Soft Light / Tornado Wallace
9. Frenetic Motion / Amevicious
10. I Am The Car / Audion
11. Save The World Now / Gino Bomino