Relish Podcast Series

Headman – Relish Podcast #16


Relish Podcast #16 is by label head Robi Insinna. To relaunch the series he wanted to do something special and dug out some favorite tracks from his vinyl collection. 

After a break we continue with the podcast and bring you some more exciting and listenable mixes for your pleasure. So far there where 15 podcasts by the likes of Red Axes, Richard Fearless, Abstraxion, DC Salas, Phil Mison, Bozzwell, Heretic, Club Bizarre, The Mansisters, Manfredas, Whatever/Whatever, Mondowski and by Robi himself.

And here is a special give away track taken from the podcast for a limited download time only on SOUNDCLOUD.


Comp IV Megamix – Relish Podcast #15


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1. Scott Fraser: Centerville Lapse (Timothy J. Fairplay Remix)
2. Mondowski: Sans Soleil
3. Headman: Be Loved (Daniel Avery’s ‘Divided Love’ Remix)
4. Daniel Avery: Airstrike
5. Scott Fraser: Paraphrase Mine (Robi Insinna / Headman Rework)
6. Headman/Robi Insinna feat. Brassica: Work (Manfredas Remix feat. Autarkic)
7. Heretic feat. Justine: Insurrection
8. Headman feat. Scott Fraser and Douglas McCarthy: Noise (Daniel Maloso Remix)
9. Headman/Robi Insinna feat. Red Axes: Barbarism Rework
10. Gina X: No G.D.M. (Red Axes Remix)
11. Headman/Robi Insinna: Main Gates
12. The Mansisters: Northern Comfort
13. Morgan Hammer: All is dust
14. Headman: Be Loved (Richard Fearless / Death in Vegas remix)
15. Bozzwell: Isolation Underground
16. Stephan Eicher: Les filles du Limmatquai (Whatever/Whatever Remix)
17. Maya Danon: Olino
18. Remain: Dead And Gone [Rework Remix]
19. International: River Seine (Kim Ann Foxman Remix)
20. Headman: Turning (Emperor Machine Special Extended version)


Mondowski – Relish Podcast #14


Relish Podcast 14 is not your usual dance mix. Going back to his roots, Mondowski’s mix features Samsara Blues Experiment, The UFO Club, Ride Into The Sun, Jeff Wootton, Radar Men From The Moon and Beat Happening, just to name a few.

“Many People have a narrow vision about dance music these days, they don’t take risks and explore new horizons, new sounds, new textures. There are no synths and drum machines here, but if you listen closely you’ll find the spirit of these songs is similar to contemporary club music. I hate dance podcasts, to me they’re a kind of dematerialized party.”

Coming up on Relish Compilation IV: ‘Sans Soleil’ by Mondowski. First listen on Flux


Whatever/Whatever – Relish Podcast #13


Next Relish Podcast is by Whatever/Whatever.

In their own words:
“Relish Records have always been an inspiration. Doing a Stephan Eicher remix for Relish Records was a thrill for us. Whatever/Whatever go Two for Two on this podcast, 2 tracks each with Justin Strauss starting things off and Bryan Mette ending the affair with the last track. Enjoy the trip.”


Manfredas – Relish Podcast #12


Next up in the Relish podcast series is Manfredas.

He remixed C.A.R. and his remix of “Work” was just released on 6 E.P.III Vinyl + digital and received great support. Manfredas released his single last year on Ivan Smagghes LDdlm. He’s based in Vilnius where he runs his club night called Smala.

“The straight road never is the interesting one. Get lost!”


The Mansisters – Relish Podcast #11


The Mansisters is the camp moniker of Scandinavian duo Kasper Bjørke (Denmark) and Jon Atli / Sexy Lazer (Iceland).

S.S.W.S. is part of REPVI that was just released. The simple idea for the lyrics of S.S.W.S. was born in a strange, dim lit room at Berghain in Berlin. Part 1 of the podcast is by Sexy Lazer and Part 2 by Kasper Bjørke.

“Sweet! … Smoke! … Weed! … Strobe!”


Part 1 by Sexy Lazer
1. The End Of Earth (Dreems Remix) / Client Liaison
2. Shades (Skinnybone Love Remix) / Arnheim
3. Zwoelf / Max Dahlhaus
4. Nobody knows / myr.
5. co2o / Lord Of The Isles
6. LSO / Roman & Castro

Part 2 by Kasper Bjørke
7. Balma (Ft. Abrao) / Red Axes
8. Soft Light / Tornado Wallace
9. Frenetic Motion / Amevicious
10. I Am The Car / Audion
11. Save The World Now / Gino Bomino


Club Bizarre – Relish Podcast #10


Relish podcast #10 comes from French duo Club Bizarre

Club Bizarre are Philippe Binda and Sam Berdah (also half of Days of Being Wild). They are currently working on many releases, several EPs, remixes, and a side project with the Jokers of the Scene, the mysterious “A Jokers Bizarre”… They will also contribute to Relish’s EPVI with their track “Shazam Me?”, due in December! 

They have selected some of their favorite tunes for our podcast series!” 


1. Damon Albarn – Heavy Seas of Love (Peza Rmx)
2. xxx
3. Mugwump & DC Salas – Giallo [Subfield]
4. xxx
5. The Populist – Soft Power [Space Factory]
6. Club Bizarre – Shazam Me? [Relish]
7. xxx
8. Tici Taci – I Can’t Stand Lorraine (Club Bizarre Rmx) [Nein Records]
9. xxx
10. NP Hard (Prins Thomas Persian Version) [Full Pupp]
11. Acid Washed – Hello Universe (Molecule Rmx) [Record Makers]
12. Club Bizarre – Weird Is Sonic (Jamie Paton Rmx) [Astrolab]
13. DC Salas – Don’t Be Scared [Biologic]
14. KNTRL – Night Shifts (Club Bizarre Rmx) [Beachcoma]
15. Jonjo Jury – If You Break It (Bufi Rmx) [Discotexas]
16. Theus Mago – No Money [Never Stop Music]
17. xxx
18. Nhar- Kartveli (Fairmont Rmx) [Days of Being Wild]
19. Tony G – Simple Dreams (Pink Skull Rmx) [Infinite Juju]


Heretic – Relish Podcast #9


Relish Podcast #9 comes from Heretic.

To anticipate the exciting new Heretic release on Relish, called “44 Sqaudron” EP, he made a podcast for Relish. The release will be out on the 11th August!

Heretic is the side project of Timothy Clerkin, one half of London techno / house / disco duo, Eskimo Twins.

Watch out for the premiere on!


1. Colo – Ghana 95
2. Timothy J. Fairplay – Carla Is Typing A Message
3. Chet Faker – 1998 (Roland Tings Remix)
4. Craig Bratley – Obsession (Hardway Bros Remix)
5. Eskimo Twins – Elegy
6. Undo – 3,9 Grados en la Escala Richter
7. Heretic – 44 Squadron
8. Gemini Brothers – Kathamah
9. Dark Strands – Slammer (Basics Mix)
10. Id!r & Tunnel Signs – Runner
11. Heretic – Soviet
12. Bruce Haack – Program Me (Eskimo Twins Rework)
13. Mr Flash – Midnight (Margot Remix)


Bozzwell – Relish Podcast #8


Podcast #8 comes by Bozzwell. He just contributed Im Emotive to the No Future E.P., which was released in April.

While taking a break from Hiem Disco duties and Remixes for Visage and Gameboyz he found the time to make a selection of his favourite tunes for the Relish podcast series!


16 Bit – Where Are You
Headman/ Robi Insinna feat Brassica – Work
Edit Service – Red Axes
Future Loop Foundation – Garden Communities (Hiem Remix)
Fad Gadget – Coitus Interuptous
Lokier – Train Loop
Rebolledo – Windsurf, Sunburn, Dollar
Optimo – Acido
Radio Slave – Dont Stop, No Sleep
Maceo Plex – Enter