There is not so much we know about REVLOVER. It all started to in April 2007, when HEADMAN was invited to play at the DIESEL party in Tokyo. A 5″ tall guy alledgedly from Hong-Kong came straight to the DJ booth with a CD named La Musique – Revlover Edit, shaked hands quickly with his favorite artist between 2 songs and disappeared in the fog of the smoke machine….Rather intrigued by that edit HEADMAN listened to it, loved it and decided to give it a chance at the peaktime of his next DJ set. You know the end of the story yourself. REVLOVER’s edit of RIOT IN BELGIUM’s hit took the dancefloor apart and got the crowd screaming for more.

A few months later REVLOVER got in touch with HEADMAN again and sent him his new track Can’t Stand. And it blasted the speakers of his home-studio with its bouncing beats. in an’old school 90s meets dirty rave’ style. HEADMAN could not let this tune die without the glory it deserved. He decided to enroll REVLOVER in his Relish label and to release his track on a E.P. with 2 very special remixes, as Relish needed at least 2 crazy minds for this slice of sickness. Canadian DIRTY 30, who already remixed his buddy DON CASH on the Disco Wreck 12″, took the bull by the horns and injected some nasty drops of acid in this steroid-fuelled monster. On the flipside wicked Aussies of ZZZ came courtesy of Bang Gang 12 Inches with an amazing piece of rework in a pure nu-rave symphonic style with rolling piano madness and ear-blowing basslines!


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