The Mansisters is the camp moniker of Scandinavian duo Kasper Bjørke (Denmark) and Jon Atli / Sexy Lazer (Iceland).

S.S.W.S. is part of REPVI that was just released. The simple idea for the lyrics of S.S.W.S. was born in a strange, dim lit room at Berghain in Berlin. Part 1 of the podcast is by Sexy Lazer and Part 2 by Kasper Bjørke.

„Sweet! … Smoke! … Weed! … Strobe!“


Part 1 by Sexy Lazer
1. The End Of Earth (Dreems Remix) / Client Liaison
2. Shades (Skinnybone Love Remix) / Arnheim
3. Zwoelf / Max Dahlhaus
4. Nobody knows / myr.
5. co2o / Lord Of The Isles
6. LSO / Roman & Castro

Part 2 by Kasper Bjørke
7. Balma (Ft. Abrao) / Red Axes
8. Soft Light / Tornado Wallace
9. Frenetic Motion / Amevicious
10. I Am The Car / Audion
11. Save The World Now / Gino Bomino