Relish Podcast 18 is by Curses. In celebration of the new RELISH COMP VI Luca has done the new mix for the Relish podcast series.

He is featured on the comp with original track Dead Last and remixed Younger Than Me’s – Warning Code. Curses is the Dark Italo and New Wave inspired project from New Yorker who now resides in Berlin Luca Venezia. He released on labels such as Throne Of Blood, Dischi d’autunno and has his own imprint Ombra International.

1. Die Wilde Jagd – Kreuzgang
2. Thrush & the Cunts – Diseases (Curses Edit)
3. Motel77 – DYKWE (Thomass Jackson Remix)
4. Sex Judas ft. Ricky – Sidikis Jam
5. The Two Mamarrachos – Aberrated (Connor Spanish Trip)
6. Tokyo (Curses Edit)
7. Shout (MUFTI EDIT)
8. Nine Inch Nails – Sanctified (Instrumental)
9. Franz Scala – Rascals
10. Etcha – F2F (Original Mix)
11. ID UA – ZARA
12. Younger Than Me – Warning Code (Curses Remix)
13. Simple Symmetry – Exploding Toads Mystery
14. Curses – Vengeance
15. Ali X and Ximena – Fuel Your Passion (Rodion Remix)
16. Robi Insinna – A2 Hard Work Dub
17. Noceraa – Let’s Go (Bonus Beats)
18. Heroes – Curses ITALO-TURBO EDIT
19. – Tuba Rex II
20. Wolfstream – De Rusia
21. Arthur Johnson – Perfect Stranger (Cosmo Remix Instrumental Remix)
22. Dame Bonnet – New Romance