Relish Podcast 19 is by Fabrizio Mammarella, the standard-bearer of the new Italian sound.

Since Relish released Italian E.P. and Italian E.P. remixed in 2004 the focus on Italian new producers
was always strong. Especially the ones that continued in the line of pioneers like Moroder, Baldelli and
Alexander Robotnick. Fabrizio amongst fellow Italian producers like Francisco and Marco Passarani started re-pushing a nearly forgotten sound, developing Italy’s great club tradition. Clubs between the 70s and 80s that were awakened in Italy, which in the 90s turned the Riviera Romagnola into Clubbing paradise.

Fabrizio works as a solo artist and sometimes joins forces with his partner in crime Philipp Lauer in their project Black Spuma. Together with Franz Scala he runs a record label Slow Motion which just recently gave birth to its sub label Wrong Era and before all else he is a DJ.

Expect some dancefloor fire from Fabrizio in the next coming months.