Headman’s Relish presents podcast #2 by Tel-Aviv based producers and DJs Dori Sadovnik and Niv Arzi aka Red Axes. In 2009, they established a new vision and concept for all of their artistic endeavors – focusing on house, disco and techno. Several Red Axes EPs came out between 2009 and 2011.
In 2012 they released “Tour de Chile” EP on I’m a Cliché and another EP on the same label – “1970”, in addition to remixes and original tracks for La Belle or Clouded Vision and Days of being wild. 2013 continued with „Silver bed“ EP at I’m a Cliché and „Caminho De Dreyfus“ EP on Correspondant along side remixes for labels such as Kill the Dj and Throne of blood.
More to come this year is a track for the Treasure hunting compilation at astro lab recordings and a remix for the classic Gina x song – No GDM on Relish recordings.
Red axes are now working on their first album, to be out early next year .

1. D.A.F – Der Raeuber und der Prinz (Moscoman edit) [White]

2. AVANTI – Cabezaurio [Porn Wax]

3. CRACKBOY – I’m a Cliche Edit Service 24 [I’m A Cliche]

4. SQUAREWAVE – Disco Inferno [Correspondant]

5. ARMY OF GOD – Salvation (Spaventi d’Azurro Remake) [Army Of God]

6. GINA X – No G.D.M.(Red Axes Remix) [Relish]

7. THE MAN FROM RAVCON – Wrangle [RavCon]

8. PRINS THOMAS ORKESTER – Hamar Bluesklubb [Full Pupp]

9. COLOGNE TAPE – Render 2 (Magazine Edit) [Magazine]

10. BORIS DZANECK – Inside The Outside(Red Axes Edit) [White]

11. EROC – Der Prophet [Brain]

12. LOS PILOTOS – El Clan Del Ruido(Slow Motion edit) [El Volcán Música]