Release Date Bandcamp exlcusive 5. November 2021/ All platforms 26. November 2021


BEST OF RELISH IX features originals and remixes by Fringe Society, Teniente
Castillo & Mufti, Curses, Fabrizio Mammarella, The Mansisters, Robi Insinna,
Younger Than Me, Niv Ast, Bozzwell, Justine and Pin up Club.

1. Fringe Society is Greek born-Berlin based Niko Raptis‚ a project which is
influenced by his musical roots of US/UK Punk Rock and Indie, Experimental
Electronics and Cold/Dark Wave. God’s Children is a slow, driving track dripping with
nostalgia. He has since released more music on Wrong Era/Slow Motion and
Ombra International. The track was released in 2018.

2. Teniente Castillo & Mufti is the project of Play Pal Music founder Teniente
Castillo & Bernardo Barrera
, one half of Los Fugazzi, producer and DJ from
Guadalajara, México. A Bit Of Sickness is a late night driving track that goes deep
and dark. The project debuted on Relish. Both artists have been busy and releasing
on labels such as Curses’ Ombra INTL. and are inspired by 80’s music, different
Rock variations, and electronic Music. A Bit of Sickness was part of REPVIII
released in 2018.

3. Curses released his 2nd original Dead Last on Relish in 2018. A Dark-Noir-New
Beat influenced track for the Dancefloors. Curses is the Dark Italo and New Wave
inspired project from Luca Venezia. He has released on labels such as Throne Of
Blood, Dischi d’autunno
and on his own imprint Ombra International.

4. Fabrizio Mammarella, the figurehead of the new Italian sound contributed to
Relish with Magnesium for the second time, after having remixed Younger than
me’s Disco Rootz
in 2017. Magnesium is a pure dancefloor monster that came out
in 2018. He sometimes joins forces with his partner in crime Philipp Lauer in their
project Black Spuma. Together with Franz Scala he runs Slow Motion and the sub
label Wrong Era.

5. The Mansisters – Tex Control was reworked by label Boss Robi Insinna in 2018. The Original was part of RELISH COMP VI and is a Post-Punk – New Wave – Techno influenced track produced by the Danish/ Icelandic duo The Mansisters. They have released several tracks on Relish. The Mansisters are DJ and producer Kasper Bjørke and Jon Atli / Sexy Lazer.

6. Younger than me released the highly acclaimed Warning Code EP in 2017. They
also remixed Curses – Her Violence Beauty, so he returned the favor and remixed
the title track for REPVIII in 2018. Curses added his touch to the Machine
Psychedelia of the original. They are an Italian duo out of Milano. The production is
inspired by Italo Disco, Post-Disco, New-Wave, House and Electronic Music with the
inevitable 80’s twist.

7. Niv Ast is a producer and a DJ, based in Tel-Aviv. He’s been playing in Tel-Aviv
clubs for many years, in places like the Breakfast Club, The Block and Alphabet.
In recent years he’s been performing and releasing various albums & EPs, including
a remix from Autarkic and releases on SC&P, Materia and more. Tatiana was
originally released in 2018 on RELISH COMP VI.

8. Bozzwell aka Hiem is a Relish veteran who released Isolation Underground on
RELISH COMP IV in 2015. The track guides us along with his poetic lyrics and
tainted electro rhythms.

9. Justine already contributed Vocals to Headman’s Dechainee on Relish, her first
original release was the cover of Siouxie & The Banshees for REPVII. The cover
version was remixed by Robi Insinna in 2018. It’s a minimal stripped-down version
with a touch of 85’. Justine is a French vocalist and producer who recently relocated
to Mexico City.

10. Pin Up Club is an underground dance/electronica act from Amsterdam. Their
music can best be described as trippy leftfield electronica with dark disco and EBM
flavours. Pin Up released on Bordello A Parigi. They got a call from outer space and
were summoned to take their drum machines and synthesizers and record a heavy
electro stomper full of guitars, dark choirs and a punchy theme to surpass space and
time in a salute to the Relish legacy. The track was part of RELISH COMP V from

11. MR TC – Teeth (Robi Insinna Rework) was released exclusively on Bandcamp
in 2017 as a Vinyl only 7” as part of Relish Comp V. The vinyl is available again with
this Compilation. The Extended Rework is exclusive on Bandcamp. Teeth Original
came out on MR TC’s second EP „Surf and Destroy” on Optimo Music.

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