Release Date: 12th August 2016

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Best of Relish Vol. I is the first of a series of compilations starting with the early days of Relish.

The Compilation starts with NY’s Rub n Tug (Eric Duncan & Thomas Bullock) remix of David Gilmour Girls. This was on the first Relish release of the Dutch Duo. The remix still sounds fresh and relevant for todays Dancefloors. Phil Mison and Pete Herbert remixed Manhead’s Doop. The Reverso 68 version was an underground club hit when it was first released in 2002. Ajello – Harlem U.S.A.’s was part of the Italian E.P., a 3 tracks sampler with only artists from Italy. It was followed with Italian E.P. Remixed short after.

Volga Select (Ivan Smagghe and Marc Collin) remixed Sister which was part of the Manhead album. The remix was released on the 12“ Vinyl wich featured Reverso 68 remix on the other side. Dennis Young, Percussionist of Liquid Liquid NYC Cult Band, and part times solo artist released his single on Relish in 2005 including this Stromba Remix. Stromba was the project of James Dyer and Tom Tyler. James was also manager of DC recordings. Roman Francisco, retouched Italian duo F&S in 2006. The remix sounds as if it would have just come out yesterday! Another fine remix of DGG is by Motiivi:Tuntematon. The Band was Timo Kaukolampi’s project which he started after Op:l Bastards. He’s currently part of the Doom Synth Metal Band K-X-P.

Manhead – Dancer was the original Instrumental Version of B.S.W.D., which came out as a split single on Relish and Trevor Jackson’s OUTPUT in 2005. Robi Headman retouched Dennis Young’s Dervish Delight, which was on the same 12“ Vinyl as Stromba. The last track of the comp is The Rapture’s (DFA, House Of Jealous Lovers) take on Manhead – Hey now!

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