Release Date: 3rd February 2017

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Best of Relish Vol. II is the continuation of Vol.I with some highlights of the early Relish years.

The Compilation starts with A Certain Ratio. The track was originally released on Relish Compilation E.P. in 2006. The following artists are from the same compilation: David Gilmour Girls, Franz & Shape vs N.O.I.A. (the Italo Disco Pioneers) and Don Cash.

Liquid Liquid’s Dennis Young was released on Vinyl and on the first Relish Compilation in the same year.

Dutch duo David Gilmour Girls remixed Ajello and were remixed by Michoacan. The Original track Tar & Feather was also released in 2006.

Zongamin ‚Hey There‘ remix of Toronto’s Don Cash was released in 2007 on the Vinyl E.P. „2K7“.

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