Release Date: 9th February 2018
Format: Digital

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Best of Relish Vol. III is the continuation of Vol.I and II with some highlights of the early to mid Relish years.

The Compilation includes some more highlights of Relish, including originals and remixes that were spun loads on international dancefloors. Featured artists and remixers are:

Hannulelauri, David Gilmour Girls,Headman, Punks Jump up, Zongamin, Retriever, Dennis Young, Brassica, JR Seaton, Franz & Shape, Mogg & Naudascher, Manhead and Don Cash.

Most oft he tracks still sound fresh and mold really well into todays Dancefloors.

1. Hannulelauri – Super Monkey (Headman Rework)
2. David Gilmour Girls – Crimson As Murder (Punks Jump Up Can U Dance Mix)
3. Headman – Dreampieces (Zongamin Remix)
4. Retriever – Murder (Headman Dub)
5. Dennis Young – Switch It
6. JR Seaton – Azklementyne (Brassica Mix)
7. Franz & Shape – Countach (Linus Loves Remix)
8. David Gilmour Girls – Crimson As Murder (Mogg & Naudascher Remix)
9. Manhead – Aplam (Revlover Remix)
10. Don Cash – Don’t Crash (Dirty 30 Remix)

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