Release Date: 1st March 2019
Format: Digital


BEST OF RELISH IV features previously unreleased versions and some highlights from the years 2009, 2010 and 2011. Artists and remixers are: David Gilmour Girls, Headman, Brassica, Hannulelauri, Daniel Avery, Jr Seaton, Gatto Fritto and Manhead.

„Another high quality Relish release.“ Andrew Weatherall

“While listening to the tracks I’m always amazed how most of them still sound fresh and could actually just come out now.“ Robi Insinna

1. David Gilmour Girls where one of the first bands Robi signed to Relish. At that time their music was very different to what dictated the mainstream. More psychedelic dance rock than noisy neo rave sound. Unfortunately the band split up later.

2. Headman – Voices remixed by Hannulalauri. The dub was never released before. Voices was taken from the 1923 Album. The finish duo also contributed with 2 EPs on Relish.

3. Brassica – Hey Man. A collaborator on various release formats on Relish and with Headman on Work that came out in 2015.

4. Hannulelauri – Zombie Tropicana was released on Super Monkey in 2010.

5. Daniel Avery – Oyster was the first track he released on Relish Comp 3 and the first release under his real name. In 2012 his Airstrike EP came out on Relish.

6. Jr Seaton – Way Savvy (Gatto Fritto Remix). Jr Seaton, now known as Call Super, was remixed into a tense, epic slow jam by Gatto Fritto.

7. Headman – Private Show (Alternative Version) was released as a 12” Vinyl in 2010 and features vocals by Steve Mason, the man behind such legendary bands like Beta Band, Black Affair, King Biscuit Time and his solo work.

8. Jr Seaton – Azklementyne (Brassica Mix) is another jam, this time remixed by Brassica.

9. Retriever – Murder (Headman Dub) This Newcastle band only released one single on Relish. This is the previously unreleased Headman Dub.

10. The last track is Robi’s alter ego Manhead. Organization is the latest Manhead track and was released in 2011 on Relish Comp 3. This is an unreleased extended version.

1. David Gilmour Girls – One for the Gipper
2. Headman – Voices (Hannulelauri Dub)
3. Brassica – Hey Man
4. Hannulelauri – Zombie Tropicana
5. Daniel Avery – Oyster
6. Jr Seaton – Way Savvy (Gatto Fritto Remix)
7. Headman – Private Show (Alternative Version)
8. Jr Seaton – Azklementyne (Brassica Mix)
9. Retriever – Murder (Headman Dub)
10. Manhead – Organization (Extended Version)

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