Release Date Digital: 3rd July 2020

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BEST OF RELISH VI features originals and remixes some released and some unreleased. They span nearly one decade starting from 2004 up to 2014. An overview of Relish releases over the years.

The compilation starts off with The Unknown Cases – Masimba Bele (Robi Insinna / Headman Instrumental) unreleased so far. The vocal version was part of RELISH EPV.

Aura Delta by the finish duo Hannulelauri was on the 2nd single that came out in 2011.

Bozzwell – Im Emotive was featured on the No Future EP from 2013.

Don Cash – Disco Wreck remixed by Headman was updated and stripped down for 2020.

Moscoman – Wet Shoes Everywhere is unreleased, the sister version Wet Shoes at the Supermarket was also part of the No Future EP.

Headman’s take on The Units classic High Pressure Days was also part of REPV Vinyl which also featured RED AXES’ take on Gina X – No G.D.M..

Now back to one of the early releases from 2004, Ajello – Harlem USA was part of the ITALIAN EP, which also featured Franz & Shapes first Relish contribution.

The Horrors’ Tom Furse remixed Airstrike, Daniel Avery’s first release under his real name on Relish in 2012.

Retriever – Murder (NUN Remix) was a collaboration with Newcastle friends from splash one and was released in 2011.

As last track David Gilmour Girls, the dutch duo where one of the first Relish discoveries. This track was part of the RELISH E.P. Sampler and RELISH Compilation II from 2009.


  1. The Unknown Cases – Masimba Bele (Robi Insinna/ Headman Instrumental)
  2. Hannulelauri – Aura Delta
  3. Bozzwell – Im Emotive
  4. Don Cash – Disco Wreck (Headman Dub 2020)
  5. Moscoman – Wet Shoes Everywhere
  6. The Units – High Pressure Days (Headman Dub)
  7. Ajello – Harlem USA 
  8. Daniel Avery – Airstrike (Tom Furse Remix) 
  9. Retriever – Murder (NUN Remix)
  10. David Gilmour Girls – One for the Gipper 
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