Release Date Bandcamp exlcusive 3. March 2022/ All platforms 25. February 2022


BEST OF RELISH X features originals and remixes that came out on various E.P.s and compilations over the years.

Tracks 1-3 were part of REPVI that came out in 2014.

1: ‚Riot Funk‘ – Gameboyz feat Duncan Gray
joined forces with UK tici taci label boss Duncan Gray on Riot Funk.
Duncan Gray was one of Andrew Weatherall’s favourite producers, his productions have been a staple of many ALFOS parties.

2: ʻEast Side Storyʼ – Club Bizarre Club Bizarre started in November 2010 with entrance in the Days of Being Wild Label. Since it’s release the act has been busy with remix and original releases.

3: ‚Insurrection‘ – Heretic feat. Justine Forever
previously released the 44 Squadron E.P. Insurrection is a collaboration between Heretic and French artist Justine Forever. After working on a lyrical concept together, Justine came up with the spoken word lyricis.

Tracks 4-6 were part of REPIX that came out in 2019.

4. I’m Wild, Oh I See (Theus Mago & Id!r Remix) – Sutja Gutierrez
The original I’m Wild, Oh I See was part of REPVII released in 2017. Id!r and Theus Mago gave the track a more dancefloor orientated feel. This is a swift and thunderous collaboration between the two, made in Theus studio in Mexico City.

5. M Love – New World
M Love, originally from Tel Aviv, is a musician, producer and DJ based in Berlin. He draws inspiration from Post-Punk, New Wave and Krautrock. New World has a cinematic feel and bursts with melody. The atmosphere is dystopian with an added undertone of hope!

6. Niv Ast & Jilleto – Oh Captain!
Oh Captain! is the collaboration of Niv Ast and Gil Abramov (aka Jilleto). The track was recorded in the early Berlin winter 2018, with a lot of live instruments and experimental recordings. Combining their rock’n’roll and electronic influences; Niv already released Tatiana on Relish Compilation V.

7. The Mansisters – Northern Comfort
The Mansisters is the camp moniker of Scandinavian DJ and Producer duo Kasper Bjørke (Denmark) and Jon Atli / Sexy Lazer (Iceland). The track was released on Relish Comp IV in 2015. The Mansisters have released several tracks on Relish over the years.

Tracks 8-10 were part of REPX that came out in 2020.

8. Mufti feat. Vongold – Concepts
Mufti is Bernardo Barrera, producer and dj from Guadalajara, México. He released The Night on RELISH 100Andrew Weatherall supported the track on his legendary nts radio show. He also released on Curses Ombra Int’. The Track features vocals by Vongold!

9. Eliezer feat. Isadora – Eskimo Limon
Eliezer is a DJ and producer, and an essential part of Tel Aviv’s night life. Eskimo Limon is a homage to an Israeli 70’s cult movie series that goes by the same name. Eskimo Limon is also the name of an old fashion lemon flavored ice popsicle, still sold to this day on Tel Aviv beaches

10. Modular Project – Cyberspace (Original Mix)
Formed in 2014 by Italian DJs Alberto Iovine and Alessandro Fumagalli. Modular Project is an eclectic duo with a sound defined by powerful drums and driving synths, heavily influenced by New Wave and the Italo disco sounds from the 80’s. Cyberspace kicks off w/ hypnotic synthesizers, strong real bass and spacer atmospherics that recalls classic dancefloor sounds from the past.

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