Release Date: April 8th 2011

Chmmr is the dance music making moniker of Even Brenden. After a clearing out all copies of his debut 12” on Norwegian label Luna Flicks last year he continues to implement musical pieces in fascination for strangely familiar things. This time in the form of a five-tracker for Relish Recordings.

“The Updated And Expanded Tenth Anniversary Edition” expands a primitive, dubbed bass pattern into a 7-minute reason to believe in general relativity. Plus, it has a saxophone. Features a non-linear, super heavy remix by Brassica (Dissident/Cyber Dance) and an oddly vibed and percussively progressive remix by Renaissance Man (Made To Play/Dubsided).

“Kanke Faux Alt Du Peker Paa” is a naive attempt to complete the inherent incompleteness of life with a simple theme. A hypnotic, continuously panned cowbell pattern makes sure you never forget which song you are listening to. Telephones (Full Pupp) clearly emphasizes the song’s euphoric feel with heavenly synths, a stabby bass and even more cowbell.

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