Release Date Digital: 19th June 2020

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This is the 3rd re-release by Franz & Shape. Lump was released in 2009 featuring SHRUBBN!! aka T. Raumschmiere & Schieres .

Franz & Shape are Francesco Spazzoli and Chris Shape who recently re-leased their debut Album Acceleration and The Singles Collection 2005-2011 on Relish.

Their sound is best described as slamming electro w/ vintage synths and samples. Like an updated Italo, EBM, New Wave, Old School Electro for the modern dance floors.

The package contains the original and Instrumental unreleased versions. Schieres made his own take on track 3. Track 4 is a remix by London’s Joe and Will Ask? a driving electro/techno belter that hits you in the stomach and rattles your bones.

Remix number 5 is by Mixhell (also known as Igor Cavalera), master drummer and former member of Brazilian heavy-metal band Sepultura, joined by his wife Laima Leyton, they turned in a perfect mix of ghetto tech and brazilian beats. The last remix is by Gesaffelstein, a deep and dark journey, combining influences from techno/italo and wave.

Bonus Track Melt feat. Motor is remixed by the Parisian duo Sex Schön. They came up with an EBM influenced version that was also included on the Bugged Out! Suck My Deck compilation.


  1. Lump feat. Shrubbn!!
  2. Lump feat. Shrubbn!! (Instrumental)
  3. Lump feat. Shrubbn!! (Schieres Remix)
  4. Lump feat. Shrubbn!! (Joe And Will Ask? Remix)
  5. Lump feat. Shrubbn!! (Mixhell Remix)
  6. Lump feat. Shrubbn!! (Gesaffelstein Remix)
  7. Bonus: Melt feat. Motor (Sex Schön Remix)
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