Release Date Digital: 22nd May 2020

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This is a collection of singles, remixes and unreleased tracks from Franz & Shape released on Relish between 2005-2011.

Franz & Shape are Francesco Spazzoli and Chris Shape who released their debut Album Acceleration on Relish in 2007.

Their sound is best described as slamming electro w/ vintage synths and samples. Like an updated Italo, EBM, New Wave, Old School Electro for the modern dance floors. In 2005 their first track, Countach was included on the Italian EP.

The Album features 11 tracks, most of them have been previously released on Vinyl
or CD compilations. Some tracks are unreleased. The selection includes, among others, The Man Who Paid Before vs legendary N.O.I.A., Guantanamo Democratie remixed by The Hacker, an unreleased 2011 Remix of F&S Airlines by Optimo’s JD Twitch. Rare dub versions of Maximum Joy and This Is The Way.


1. Countach (Linus Loves Remix)
2. This Is The Way (Dub)
3. The Man Who Paid Before vs N.O.I.A.
4. Maximum Joy (Dub)
5. Maximum Joy feat. Dirk Da Davo (Francisco Remix)
6. Guantanamo Democratie feat. David Carretta (The Hacker Remix) 
7. Guantanamo Democratie feat. David Carretta (Millimetric Remix) 
8. Eyes Like Knives feat. Kill Memory Crash
9. Forgotten Days (Motor Remix)
10. Forgotten Days (Memory Boy Remix)
11. F&S Airlines (A JD Twitch Optimo Mix)

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