Release Date: September 9th 2010

Hannulelauri: the name is made from splicing together two Finnish names – Hannu and Lauri. The music is made by splicing Hannu Nieminen’s experience with Lauri Soini’s appetite for a good party.

The duos Helsinki playground forms the background for a New Beat sensibility that has lost itself in a Finnish forest. What remains is body music slowed and tweaked to resonate on todays dance-floors and find itself in the record boxes of Aeroplane, Tim Sweeney, The Hacker and cosmic maestro Daniele Baldelli. Their playful Super Monkey is dance music as irreverent as it can be. Simple, direct and with a few strange subtleties should the listener wander a little too close to sound-system.

Nieminen is no stranger to such tricks, having spent the late part of the 90s indulging his broad tastes and turning out productions that appeared on Compost, Guidance and Ubiquity. Later productions resulted from collaborations with Lil‘ Tony before he founded his contemporary Seahorse and Castle imprint. Soini was meanwhile throwing parties that saw Neo-Disco tricksters such as Danny Wang and Aeroplane grace the turntables whilst learning how to programme a synthesizer.

Together they have had an electric year so far, with a raft of Cosmic City parties and the emergence of a Hannulelauri live set. Now with Super Monkey licensed to Headman’s Relish Recordings and due to appear with a remix by Headman himself they continue to spread their cloaks. Lucky those forests aren’t far away.

„Super Monkey“ is already supported by Trevor JacksonVito (Aeroplane), Jack (Friendly Fires), PilooskiJim Stanton (Horse Meat Disco), Renaissance ManThe Magician (Stephen Ex-Aeroplane), Damon Martin (Disco Bloodbath), Social Disco ClubLeo ZeroBoris Dlugosch and many more…

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