Release Date: February 1st 2013

Robi Insinna AKA Headman revives underground classic ‘It Rough’ for 2013 with a package that includes the anthemic original Chicken Lips remix as well as new mixes from Headman and remixes from Scott Fraser and Remain…

Back in 2003 the Gomma label released Headman’s ‘It Rough’ featuring a superb slice of post punk/disco from Headman producer Robi Insinna and a remix from production duo Chicken Lips. The record was a massive success for the label with the Chicken Lips remix becoming an instant dancefloor classic and receiving a nomination from Groove Magazine as an ‘All time dance classic’.

Now almost a decade on Headman don and Relish Recordings label boss Robi Insinna has decided to re-release this much sought after record, introducing it to a younger audience who may well not have been around for it’s original release.

The single kicks off with the mighty Chicken Lips remix, a version that for many DJs has almost certainly never gone away. Stripped, at times brutally raw and totally mesmerizing this is a remix that is as timeless now as when it was first recorded. Taking it’s cues from early Chicago house the Chicken Lips boys take things back to an 808 and 303 approach to devastating effect, building a slow steady groove that is so full of compressed energy that a simple snare roll and ride at around the half way point acts as a tinderbox and quite simply takes the roof off.

Robi Insinna gets to grips with his own composition for a ‘2013 version’ and a ‘2013 reprise’ which sees the song morphed into an updated version keeping the funky post punk disco vibe with rich analogue synth lines, heavily delayed percussion and the distinct vocal refrain. The reprise sees Robi venture into acidic territory with a superb moog bassline that bubbles and mutates throughout the track adding another enticing layer to this already superb track.

For the remixes Robi turns to two of his favourite producers of the moment, both of whom have collaborated on the Relish label before, Scott Fraser and Remain. Scott takes the original and twists it into a brooding and emotive slice of electronica that delves into deep and techy territory whilst Remain delivers a wonderfully spacious & stripped version that wraps itself around a simple and infectious bassline.

A true classic revived for 2013 in the best possible way!

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