Release Date: 21st June 2013

Relish Recordings presents the new single from Headman featuring Scott Fraser and Douglas McCarthy giving a taster of his artist album due later in the year…

Robi Insinna aka Headman pairs up with former Relish producer Scott Fraser of the so-called Scrutton Street Axis (along with likeminded tunesmiths Andrew Weatherall and Timothy J Fairplay who all work in the same basement studio) and Nitzer Ebb’s Douglas McCarthy who provides vocals.

Noise is a fierce and prickly brew of synthetic sounds, gurgling acid and heavyweight dubbed kick drums. The vocals of McCarthy add a nineties feel as he asks over and over if you „want some noise“. Sweaty, smoky, dirty basement disco might be a good way to describe it.

As well as a dub version there are two more remixes. The first comes from Daniel Maloso of Cómeme fame. He turns the track into a more electrified, John Carpenter style version laced up with raw and frazzled arpeggiated synths and plenty of libidinous vocal cries.

The final remix comes from Sean Johnston aka Hardway Bros – a DJ partner in crime with Andrew Weatherall in their A Love From Outer Space party project. He speeds things up a little and adds a bit of retro style dancefloor darkness to ensure the package offers something for every moment of a night.

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