Release Date Bandcamp exlcusive 1. April 2022/ All platforms 29. April 2022


HEADMAN Remixed is a collection of remixes that came out on various E.P.s and 12” vinyl releases between the years 2009 and 2015.

Take me to the Top feat. Bozzwell remixed by Alejandro Paz came out on the 6 E.P. IIIvinyl in 2015. Gimme featuring YELLO’s Dieter Meier (The Surrreal Stroll Remix) came out in 2009 on vinyl and was a remix collaboration between Robi Insinna and Daniel WangDirt (The C90s Remix) was on Dreampieces / Dirt vinyl 12“ from 2009. Both It Rough remixes were part of the It Rough 2013 digital release. Andrea Esu’s remix was part of the Be Loved single from 2011. Tape to tape remixed Private Show on the homonymous 12“ vinyl release from 2010. Tim Goldsworthy’s remix of Fluctuation came out on the vinyl release in 2010. Shift Work’s remix of Sleep Red! came out in 2015 and featured Sam from Gramme

1. Headman/Robi Insinna feat. Bozzwell – Take Me To The Top (Alejandro Paz Remix)
2. Headman feat. Dieter Meier – Gimme (The Surrreal Stroll Remix)
3. Headman – Dirt (The C90s Remix)
4. Headman – It Rough (Remain Remix)
5. Headman – Be Loved (Andrea Esu Remix)
6. Headman – Private Show (tape to tape Remix II)
7. Headman – It Rough (Scott Fraser Remix)
8. Headman – Fluctuation (Thee Loving Hand Remix Edit by Tim Goldsworthy)
9. Headman/RobiInsinna feat. Sam – Sleep Red! (Shift Work Remix)
10. Headman – Be Loved (Andrea Esu Dub)

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