Release Date: 11th August 2014

„44 Squadron“ is the new EP from Heretic for Relish including a Remix by Monoblok & PSLKTR!
Heretic is the side project of Timothy Clerkin, one half of London techno / house / disco duo, Eskimo Twins.

The 3 originals are slightly rougher and noisier than previous Eskimo Twins releases, drawing inspiration from childhood heroes such as My Bloody Valentine & Aphex Twin, whilst maintaining a focus on the dance floor.

Heretic began life as a frivolous means of making some raucous club tracks, with themes about science and the refutation of all things religious running through them; hence the name. This quickly evolved into a fully fledged side project as the pile of tracks kept getting higher and higher.

The remix comes from french duo Monoblok & PSLKTR. Two activists of the electronic scene from the north of France. They released 3 EPs on Meant Records.

The leitmotiv of the two artists is:
”The underground is what the politically correct devastates. Being able to make a step aside, daring to make what the times do not take in count.”

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