Release Date: October 8th 2010

Since quitting London two years ago to found his Berlin based label Nocturnes, JR Seaton’s own music has taken an increasingly idiosyncratic path. This direction has found its way in his work for Relish, who present his latest single – Azklementyne. This release is rooted in a longstanding musical bond between Seaton and Brassica, one half of synth-pop duo Gold Blood and writer of the Dissident classic ‘The Centre’, who requested remixing a track from the highly inventive „She Had A Wing EP“ that appeared earlier this year.

First comes the Humdrum Dub by Seaton himself, which resets the track through a proto-House prism before letting the original elements find their way back in. This time, however, the focus is on the dancefloor. The vocal lines are suppressed and the drumming (from Milo Smee of Chrome Hoof notoriety) wraps itself around Seaton’s trusted 707 drum machines. This is dance music as it can be: adventurous and rough around the edges – resulting in an emotional force so often lacking today.

It is followed by what Brassica has described himself as his best work yet. A circling drum break gives way to edited repetitions of certain hazy lines from the original, ‘I see the trees…They are green… Must be summer…’ before finally the track unfurls complete with delayed guitar and string sections into a sumptuous whole. This is one of those rare examples where the references of the past combine to offer something genuinely refreshing.
Having already knocked up support from MCDE, Eric Duncan & Jacques Renault and the Horse Meat gang this summer, Relish continue with an artist happy to cut his own sound, his own way.

‚Azklementyne‘ is already supported by Severino (Horse Meat Disco), Fredo VillaSasa (In Flagranti), JoakimRenaissance ManEric Duncan and many more…

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