Release Date: 2nd July 2021

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Manhead singles collection is a collection of all vinyl singles released and additional tracks that came out on various compilations over the years.

Robi Insinna’s alter ego project Manhead started in 2001 and was the first vinyl release on Relish. He wanted to incorporate other influences than he was using on Headman like Balearic Beat, Proto House or Retro Electronica.

The first release RR001 10” featured Show me the way/Sister. Doop/What? was released in 2002. In the same year the remixes Sister (Volga Select Disco Disco Mix) Volga Select was Ivan Smagghe and Marc Collin. Doop was remixed by Phil Mison and Pete Herbert as Reverso 68. Special was released in 2003.

In 2004 Birth, School, Work, Death was released on Relish and Trevor Jackson’s Output Recordings which released artists such as LCD Soundsystem, The Rapture, Black Strobe, Playgroup and Gramme.

In 2005 Hey Now was remixed by The Rapture and Aplam by Revlover. Organization (Extended Version) was featured on BORIV compilation and Kasper

Bjørke’s remix of the same track was part of the RELISH 100 Compilation. As last track Dancer 2021 Version was updated and mixed new.


  1. Show me the way
  2. Sister
  3. Doop
  4. What?
  5. Doop (Reverso 68 Remix)
  6. Sister (Volga Select Disco Disco Mix)
  7. Special
  8. Birth,School,Work,Death
  9. Dancer
  10. Hey Now (The Rapture / Hush Hush Remix)
  11. Aplam (Revlover Remix)
  12. Organization (Extended Version)
  13. Organization (Kasper Bjørke Tribute Rework)
  14. Dancer 2021 Version
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