Release Date: March 25th 2011

Named after the capital of Urugay, Montevideo are the tightly knit cluster of four likely lads, four friends who take to their musical ambitions like a souped up Pontiac Firebird to a freshly tarmaced autobahn.

Fronted by singer Jean Waterlot, the present incarnation of Montevideo is not the first one, but as Jean points out „Montevideo is 100% a group effort, we truelly thrive on unity.“

Produced by Sebastiaan Vandevoorde (ex Villa), „Tribal Dance“ offers three tracks that showcase the band’s versatility. „Working with Seba was a blessing. He injected some extra spunk to the songs, the same energy Thomas Bangalter used to put into his releases on Roulé.“

Title track „Tribal Dance“ bursts into action with a mutated jungle boogie, until glamorous live-played strings and a rubber bass line drop in and guide the tune onto a gold and ivory paved dancefloor.

„Fate & Glory“ is another dynamic, disco-infected stomper with falseto voice and the most catchy whistle since Bryan Ferry’s famous whiz during Jeaous Guy. It feels like watching Flash Gordon, Saturday Night Fever and Midnight Cowboy all at once.

Finally, „Mr. Drake“ is a haunting funeral march, treading the footsteps of Japan circa Gentlemen Take Polaroids and Bowie. „I wrote Mr. Drake as an imaginary epitaph for Nick Drake – quite dramatic, I know“, laughs Jean.

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