Release Date: October 7th 2011

Although Relish Compilation 3 marks the third compiled label round up for Headman’s Relish Recordings, it is a compilation only in form; it has been constructed out of new tracks very much in the guise of an album. In label terms it highlights the new artists that have been unearthed this year – JR Seaton, Andreas Esu, Hannalelauri, Daniel Avery, International, Montevideo – and presents them alongside new tracks from Headman.

Beginning with the radiophonic, fragmented house of JR Seaton’s No Other Place, a track built from the driest of saw waves and plasmic lofi vocals, it slips on into the quick thrust 808 funk of Headman’s latest Be Loved. Be Loved features the vocals of Belfast singer Rosie Blair from the band Boy of Girl. We then glide through the straight Chicago cut of Andreas Esu’s Dance in Space, popping NRG/Italo from both Chmmr’s collaboration with Glaswegians Den Haan and also Hannulelauri’s Europa, a strict reverence to Europe’s dance legacy.

The second half throws up a new track from International – the collaboration between Robi Insinna and Stefano that has already offered up the single River Seine this summer – that continues in their early 90s vein and the Fear of Theydon disco house remix of Montevideo. Fear of Theydon will be known to most of you via his Sunday Best remixes in which he worked with David Lynch and Beardyman amongst others. We are also introduced to the new act showcased here — Daniel Avery — the London based Fabric resident who has previously released under the moniker Stopmakingme. His offering is a basscentric shuffle entitled Oyster. Things are closed out with the epic Hannulelauri remix of Headman’s Voices, a track from his latest album 1923, however before that we get the first Manhead track to surface for six years, a piece of timbales flecked Balearic rock faxed forward from 1985.

Relish Compilation 3 is a chance to familiarize oneself with the various new talents that the label prides itself on having introduced, as well as draw attention to where things are going with the label from here on through to 2012.

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