Release Date: 29th June 2018
Format: Digital


Relish Comp VI features originals and remixes by Fringe Society, Niv Ast, Mondowski, Curses, Justine, The Mansisters, Younger Than Me and Headman/Robi Insinna. Compiled and designed by Robi Insinna.

1. Mondowski is something like a regular on Relish. After his 2 EPs Surfing Hell and Klub Psycho he delivers Hollywood Babylon. Psychedelic and Post-Punk inspired, Hollywood Babylon is a 7min mesmerizing journey between distorted guitars, airy voices and troubled synthesizers. He is a french DJ and producer residing in London since a few years.

2. Niv Ast is a producer and a DJ, based in Tel-Aviv. He’s been playing in Tel-Aviv clubs for 6 years, in places like the Breakfast Club, The Block and Alphabet. In recent years he’s been performing and releasing various albums & EPs, including a remix from Autarkic. More releases this year will be on SC&P, Materia and more.

3. Fringe Society is greek born-Berlin based Niko Raptis‚ new project which is influenced by his musical roots of US/UK Punk rock and Indie, Experimental Electronics and Cold/Dark Wave. God’s Children is a slow, driving track that is dripping with nostalgia. Fringe Society is set to release more music on labels such as Wrong Era/Slow Motion and Ombra International in the near future.

4. Curses releases his 2nd original Dead Last on Relish. A Dark-Noir-New Beat influenced track for the Dancefloors. Curses is the Dark Italo and New Wave inspired project from Luca Venezia. Released on labels such as Throne Of Blood, Dischi d’autunno and has his own imprint Ombra International.

5. Justine mainly contributed vocal features on Relish, her first original release was the cover of Siouxie & The Banshees for REPVII. The cover version is remixed by Robi Insinna. It’s a minimal stripped down version with a touch of 85’. Justine is a french vocalist and producer who recently relocated to Mexico City.

6. Tex Control is a Post-Punk – New Wave – Techno influenced track produced by the Danish / Icelandic duo The Mansisters. They have released several tracks on Relish. The Mansisters are DJ and producer Kasper Bjørkeand Jon Atli / Sexy Lazer.

7. Younger than me released the highly acclaimed Warning Code EP last year. They also remixed Curses – Her Violence Beauty, so he returned the favor and remixed the title track. Curses added his touch to the Machine Psychedelia of the original. They are an italian duo out of Milano. The production is inspired by Italo Disco, Post-Disco , New-Wave , House and Electronic Music with the inevitable 80’s twist.

8. Dechainee was released end of 2016 as a Limited EP 7“ vinyl and digital featuring artworks from the Video Robi directed. The track features Justine on vocals. Remixes were by Borusiade and MR TC. This time the track was remixed by Desert Sound Colony. He just released an EP on SC&P and runs his Holding Hands imprint.

Last but not least is Robi’s Happy House Dub version as a Bonus track.


Very nice comp! Andrew Weatherall

Super super cool! Like every track. Perel

I like it and I will surely play some of the tracks in there! Very cool sounds! Borusiade

Premiered by XLR8R, Sinchi Collective, Why People Dance and 44,100Hz Social Club.

1. Mondowski – Hollywood Babylon
2. Niv Ast – Tatiana
3. Fringe Society – God’s Children
4. Curses – Dead Last
5. Justine – Happy House (Robi Insinna Remix)
6. The Mansisters – Tex Control
7. Younger Than Me – Warning Code (Curses remix)
8. Headman – Dechainee (Desert Sound Colony Remix)
Bonus: Justine – Happy House (Robi Insinna Dub Version)

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