Release Date: December 17th 2010

Another year spins past and as we collect our thoughts for 2011 a 4th Relish EP arrives to showcase three rather special talents to look forward to over the coming twelve months.

Crawling under a saw-tooth and being played like an agogo may sound like fun to you, or it may not. Either way Moobeech by Belgian newcomer “Booby” makes it sound good, as in- between taught bass and drum breakdowns it is exactly what this young Belgian inflicts upon the dancefloor. Hear and believe; this is a track that has crippled a few dancers over the last couple of months.

Following that comes Stubbs, yes, Belgian again, there must be something in there water! He who paints horses crafts a fine tune. He also programs a fine arpeggio. This is the straightest of the trio employing a trusted method and leaving the details of production to focus on – thumping kick, tweaking filters and then epic synth guitar breakdown.

Brassica may well be known to some of you, for his music is about as definable as an English sky. Experimental electronics (The Microvictories LP), unforgettable slo-mo anthems (The Centre) and even inclusion on the upcoming Fabric mix from Agoria (Made Up My Mind). Here he brings Eno into the room and sits him in the corner, gently influencing conversation whilst letting the discussion spiral into melodic arcadia. This is Brassica in Atlantis mode and its moments like these that remind one just how good life can be.

„Relish E.P. 4“ is already supported by Shit RobotMustangIn FlagrantiMugwumpHorse Meat DiscoRex the DogThe MagicianDisco Bloodbath and many more…

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