Release Date: 19th December 2014

REPVI (Relish E.P. Six) sampler includes Gameboyz featuring Duncan Gray, Heretic (feat. Justine), newcomer Maya Danon, Club Bizarre and The Mansisters.
Robi Insinna just released his Album 6, in-between the follow up EPs and Vinyl exclusives he could not resist to put these tracks out on another Relish EPVI.

Track 1: ‚Riot Funk‘ – Gameboyz feat Duncan Gray
DJ tag-team Gameboyz (Modernphase, Da Well & Xar Lee) join forces with UK tici taci label boss Duncan Gray and deliver Riot Funk, which sounds like it should – loud and dirty!
Duncan Gray: His label tici taci. Counted as one of Andrew Weatherall’s favourite producers, his productions have been a staple of many ALFOS parties, and have found wide support.
The Gameboyz collaboration with Duncan Gray is the first of many to come.

Track 2: ‚Insurrection‘ – Heretic (feat. Justine)
The second track is by Heretic who already released the highly acclaimed 44 Squadron E.P. on Relish earlier in the year. Insurrection is a collaboration between Heretic and future No Wave Pop sensation Justine. After working on a lyrical concept together, Justine came up with the spoken word lyricis, exploring ideas of revolution and taking a stand against global corporate giants and consumerism. Heretic is also busy with his Eskimo Twins project.

Track 3: ‚Dazed‘ – Maya Danon
Maya Danon: Tel Aviv based musician, sound artist and producer is up next with Dazed.
The Detroit influenced track draws influences from experimental electronics, krautrock and new wave, she creates a combination of energetic grooves, dreamy sounds and complexed textures. It also reflects her background as a sound designer.
Dazed has a tight rhythm section in which the baseline pushes forward while the drums keeps it steady and under control, allows the mind to let go and float with those spacey motives and get a bit lost as that texture part goes in toward the end. It’s safe as that baseline keeps you home. On the floor.

Track 4: ‚East Side Story‘ – Club Bizarre
Club Bizarre started in November 2010 with entrance in the Days of Being Wild family in 2012 with a remix for Catalepsia. Shortly after La Mort du Petit Cheval was released with remixes from Chloé, Matt Walsh and Catalepsiain February 2013. Sam is also A&R at Days Of Being Wild! label.
The track was produced with a Juno 106, Minibrute and Nord rack for the synths, Linndrum samples and a few plugs.

Track 5: ‚S.S.W.S.‘ (Sweet Smoke Weed Strobe) – The Mansisters
The Mansisters is the camp moniker of Scandinavian duo Kasper Bjørke (Denmark) who just released his album ‚After Forever‘ and Jon Atli / Sexy Lazer (Iceland).
The simple idea for the lyrics of S.S.W.S. was born in a strange, dim lit room at Berghain in Berlin. The Mansisters were in a dreamstate after being upstairs partying all night at Panorama Bar – and „accidentally“ went downstairs, while „searching for the bathroom“
After „desperately trying to find the exit“, they sat down in a corner feeling a little insecure by the fact that they were lost – and started to desperately and repeatedly shout out „Sweet!… Smoke!…Weed!….Strobe!“

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