Release Date Digital: 22nd May 2020

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RELISH E.P. X is a 3 tracker that includes original songs by Eliezer, Mufti feat. Vongold and Modular Project.

1. Eliezer feat. Isadora – Eskimo Limon

Eliezer is a DJ and producer, and an essential part of Tel Aviv’s night life. He has released on Days of Being WildEskimoLa Dame Noir and NDE and others. Eskimo Limon is a homage to an Israeli 70’s cult movie series that goes by the same name. The lyrics are a playful feminist answer to the israeli macho mentality of the 70’s. Eskimo Limon is also the name of an old fashion lemon flavored ice popsicle, still sold to this day on Tel Aviv beaches

2. Mufti feat. Vongold – Concepts

Mufti is Bernardo Barrera, one half of Los Fugazzi, producer and dj from Guadalajara, México. He already contribute w/ The Night on RELISH 100Andrew Weatherall supported the track on his legendary nts radio show. He’s latest release was on Ombra Int’. This track has been a work in progress for Mufti: Guitars, strong bass line and a catchy arp to glue things together are the ingredients. The Track features vocals by Vongold adding the hook!

3. Modular Project – Cyberspace (Original Mix)

Formed in 2014 by Italian DJs Alberto Iovine and Alessandro Fumagalli. Modular Project is an eclectic duo with a sound defined by powerful drums and driving synths, heavily influenced by New Wave and the Italo disco sounds from the 80’s. Cyberspace kicks off w/ hypnotic synthesizers, strong real bass and spacer atmospherics that recalls classic dancefloor sounds from the past.

1. Eliezer feat. Isadora – Eskimo Limon
2. Mufti feat. Vongold – Concepts
3. Modular Project – Cyberspace (Original Mix)

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