Release Date: January 28th 2011

After an exceptional year that saw Relish unleash such acclaimed releases as Hannulelauri’s ‘Zombie Tropicana’ and Mickey’s ‘Farfalle’ as well as Headman’s ‘1923’ album. Relish dive straight into 2011 with some exciting new projects, first up is a collaboration with a new label from Newcastle England called Splash One Records. The two labels bonded over a shared love of David’s Bowie and Byrne but have really come together to present Tyne-side fuzz merchants Retriever to the world. Retriever are a three piece Rock & Roll group steeped in an unholy mix of 60’s garage, 70’s krautrock and 80’s post punk. Their debut single ‘Murder’ (released late last year on Splash One) is a dark, driving slice of rhythmic howling menace. The band layer cutting (femme fatale) vocals, spikey guitar and pounding bass over primitive drum machine beats to create a devastating effect. After falling in love with the single Headman decided to approach Splash One about a remix collaboration release. And so… ‘Murder Remixes’ comes with a fittingly eclectic assortment of mixes.

Headman turns in an electro funk monster that puts Retrievers dark hymn through the punky disco ringer, retaining all of it’s attitude and adding a heavy slice of moody groove. This track acts as a perfect companion piece to Headman’s 2010 1923 album.

NUN (AKA Naked Under Napalm) come up with a mix that has been described as John Carpenter jamming with Bauhaus in a Bristol junkyard. A clanking clattering gem that tip’s it’s hat to everything from early industrial music to gothic post punk, trip hop and exploitation soundtracks.

Anti-Tank meanwhile unleash a driving Hi NRG monster that displays their love of upbeat sexual disco, body music and glam rock. This is a banging track that makes no apologies for relentlessly hammering any listeners into hopeless sexual submission. LOVE IT!

The original Retriever single version is also included as part of the package. While further collaboration between Retriever and Relish can be found on Headman’s Blue Boys’ (Blue Girls version) single where Jackie Miller of Retriever provided vocals. Not part of this release packed but the track is available separately for download.

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