Release Date: June 22nd 2009

The end of the 1970’s saw Units and their compatriots (Pink Section, Voice, Farm, Tuxedomoon, and Screamers) storming punk clubs like the Mabuhay with a new electronic punk sound. The co-opted, predictable guitar rock of the era had given way to aggressive synthesizers, film collage, and punk DIY ingenuity.

Units were a cornerstone of this unofficial movement, later called “synth punk” and which would come to define a greater west coast DIY culture combining new synthetic sounds, ranging from Nervous Gender, Screamers and Monitor, to The Blackouts. Units’ tight keyboard riffing, raw electronic texture, monotone delivery, raging synth arpeggios and growling Moog basslines practically define synthpunk’s futuristic, alienated disposition.
Thematically, Units’ music explored and exploded the very nature of “unit-like”conformity- perhaps using their synth blasts to tear away the very fabric of it.

“High Pressure Days” is a testament to the loneliness and urgency of the times, and one of synthpunk’s greatest anthems while at the same time becoming a dancefloor classic among dj’s like Danielle Baldelli. Now, 30 years later, Relish Recordings is proud to be releasing “High Pressure Days” on 12”.

In 2003 labelboss Robi Insinna (aka Headman) already tried to include the track on his ‘Dance Modern’ compilation for Eskimo Records, but back then he was unable to locate the band to clear the rights. Obviously he is extremely happy to get the opportunity to work with the band after all. He also provided a remix for the 12”, as did another longtime fan – Rory Phillips of London’s THRASH and DURRR parties.

Coinciding with the Relish release, US label Community Library is releasing a discography CD called ‘History of the Units’, compiling the band’s most sought-after early singles and selections from their first LP ‘Digital Stimulation’.

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